Scenes From the Life of Christ

This retreat day of scripture reflection, music and silkscreened art work on the life of Christ will provide opportunities to reflect on the life of Christ in the gospels. Songs of praise, prayer, scripture readings, guided reflections and group discussions provide a framework for the day's activities. This is a time to get to know Jesus better. The day will end with a liturgy of the Word.

Facilitators: Marie and Steve Burger

Marie Burger has been an elementary school music teacher for many years and a liturgical musician for 37 years. Marie attended three National Music Conferences where she participated in many workshops with current Catholic composers. She also attended Liturgy in the Formative Environment Conference led by Joyce Zimmerman and Kathleen Harmon. Marie is inspired when composing and playing sacred music with other musicians. She finds peace in the solitude of nature.

Steve Burger, BFA, MAEd, has taught photography, video production and art in high school for many years. Steve studied iconography at Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon. His art has been exhibited extensively in Western Canada. Steve has designed church banners and helped put on a Christian Artist Retreat at Radway Bible College. He recently completed a photo-scripture-mediation book: Walk on Water: Meditations on Christian Faith

Cost: $50