Come Away and Rest Awhile

Just as we know that physical rest is crucial for a healthy body, it is imperative for our spiritual health that we rest our minds as well. However, the majority of us seem to have forgotten how to let our minds relax, so we are at the mercy of repetitive thoughts that exhaust us. Over this weekend, we will practice ways of resting our bodies and minds so they can be picked up as needed for healthy, fresh perspectives and creative living. This is largely a silent retreat for a maximum of 12 participants. Please bring a floor mat and blanket.

Facilitator: Cheryl Dick
Facilitator: Cheryl Dick, APR, MBA, has been working with awareness and mindfulness practice for nearly 25 years. Her career has taken her through a variety of high-profile, demanding positions and her spiritual work has been a progression towards freedom from fear, disillusionment and anxiety. She has a distinct interest in helping others find inner peace and rest while living in this world at this moment in time.

Cost: $175

Please email for further details, and/or accommodations.