Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Martha Antigonish
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Martha Retreat Centre
Lethbridge, Alberta

A place to come apart and in the stillness and quiet, to listen to the Spirit of God in the Scriptures, in nature and in one's life experiences.

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About Martha Centre Martha Retreat Centre, located on the edge of the coulees in Lethbridge, Alberta, provides an ideal setting for personal prayer, contemplation, reading, faith-sharing, communal prayer and quiet walks.

wildflowersMission Statement

Aware of the human need for spiritual growth and development, Martha Retreat Centre seeks to provide a quiet, welcoming space where people, individually or in groups, can come apart and rest awhile, nourish their spirits and open their hearts to God's call to them in the current reality of their life's circumstances.

The natural beauty of our location on the edge of the coulees in Lethbridge, and the presence of the faith community of the Sisters of St. Martha, help to create and environment that is conducive to quiet reflection and dialogue with God. The needs of all who come to the Centre are remembered in the daily prayers of the Sisters.


Martha Retreat Centre
1130 Scenic Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta

T1K 7J1
Telephone: 403.328.3422 

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